Mandurah Cruises

Mandurah Cruises is located less than an hour south of Perth, Western Australia, in the stunning dolphin city of Mandurah. Our multi-award-winning cruises make us one of the top Perth and Mandurah attractions for local and visiting tourists.

Mandurah – the stunning location Mandurah Cruises is proud to call home – is best known for its spectacular waterways that include a unique blend of canals, estuaries, rivers and oceans, all populated with stunning marine life.

This incredible location allows Mandurah Cruises to share with you firsthand, an unforgettable experience of natural beauty and wildlife. WA’s largest population of Bottlenose Dolphins are like part of our family in Mandurah. And our cruises allow guests to enjoy the region’s abundance of Blue Manna Crabs, plentiful fish and Western Rock Lobster crayfish.

The Peel-Harvey Estuary is also home to more than 130 different species of birds, including many rare migratory shorebirds. The Peel-Yalgroup Wetland is recognised as a site of international significance under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. Read more here.

A visit to Mandurah offers pristine beaches and a lively foreshore and marina filled with a multitude of dining and accommodation options.

To find out more visit Mandurah Cruises website.

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